50 Most Popular Types of Flowers to Give or Grow

Top 50 Popular Types of Flowers with Pictures to Give or Grow

There are over 400,000 flowering plant species across the world, producing Types Of Flowers in a range of colors and shades and all different shapes and sizes. Flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and colorful. They brighten up our world and are often associated with love, romance, and special occasions. There are thousands of different types of flowers with pictures, each with unique characteristics and symbolism. 

They have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, with their beauty and fragrance enchanting people from all over the world. Whether it’s for decoration, medicinal purposes, or as a symbol of love and affection, flowers have a special place in our hearts and lives.

From the smallest wildflower to the grandest rose, countless varieties of flowers exist in the world, each with unique characteristics and symbolism. Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making them versatile and fascinating subjects to study and admire.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular types of flowers with pictures, their meanings, and some interesting facts about them.

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, a floral designer, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

Types Of Popular Flowers With Pictures

50 Most Popular Types of Flowers to Give or Grow

Below is the list of different types of flowers with their name, relevant pictures, and the areas where they are most popular.

Flower Picture Flower NameFlower Name MeaningScientific NameFirst originPopularity Area
Sakura Cherry Blossom flowerCherry BlossomNew beginnings, purity, beauty, and the transience of lifePrunus serrulataJapanJapan, Korea, China
Lotus flowerLotusEnlightenment, purity, self-regeneration, and rebirthNelumbo nuciferaAsia (specifically, India and China)India, China, Vietnam
Chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemumJoy, optimism, long life, and fidelityChrysanthemum sp.China and JapanJapan, China, Korea
Jasmine flowerJasmineLove, grace, elegance, and sensualityJasminum sp.Asia (specifically, China and India)India, Pakistan, China
Orchid flowerOrchidLove, beauty, strength, and luxuryOrchidaceae sp.Tropical and subtropical regions around the worldThailand, China, Japan
Marigold flowerMarigoldCreativity, passion, warmth, and optimismTagetes sp.Mexico and Central AmericaIndia, Nepal, Thailand
Peony flowerPeonyRomance, prosperity, good fortune, and compassionPaeonia sp.Asia (specifically, China)China, Japan, Korea
Camellia flowerCamelliaLove, gratitude, admiration, and perfectionCamellia sp.China and JapanChina, Japan, Korea
Hibiscus flowerHibiscusBeauty, femininity, unity, and peaceHibiscus sp.Tropical and subtropical regions around the worldMalaysia, Indonesia, Thailand
frangipani flowerFrangipaniLove, fertility, devotion, and loyaltyPlumeria sp.Central America, Mexico, and South AmericaIndonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
Sunflower flowerSunflowerLoyalty, adoration, strength, and longevityHelianthus annuusNorth and South AmericaChina, Japan, Korea
Magnolia flowerMagnoliaLove of nature, nobility, perseverance, and dignityMagnolia sp.North and South America, Southeast Asia, and South AsiaChina, Korea, Japan
Azalea flowerAzaleaBeauty, femininity, and temperanceRhododendron sp.Asia (specifically, China, Korea, and Japan)China, Japan, Korea
Rhododendron flowerRhododendronLove, beauty, and graceRhododendron sp.Asia (specifically, China and the Himalayan region)India, Nepal, Bhutan
Daffodil flowerDaffodilNew beginnings, hope, joy, and happinessNarcissus sp.Europe and North AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Hydrangea flowerHydrangeaHeartfelt emotion, gratitude, and sincere apologiesHydrangea sp.Asia (specifically, Japan, Korea, and China)Japan, China, Korea
Tulip flowerTulipPerfect love, royalty, and rebirthTulipa sp.Central Asia, Iran, and TurkeyChina, Japan, Korea
morning glory flowerMorning GloryAffection, love, and mortalityIpomoea sp.Tropical AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Cosmos flowerCosmosOrder, peace, and serenityCosmos bipinnatusMexico and Central AmericaJapan, China, Korea
wisteria flowerWisteriaWelcoming and enduring friendshipsWisteria sp.China and JapanJapan, China, Korea
Canna Lily flowerCanna LilyConfidence, boldness, and adventureCanna indicaTropical and subtropical regions around the worldIndia, Thailand, China
Zinnia flowerZinniaThoughtfulness, friendship, and remembranceZinnia elegansMexico and Central AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Aster flowerAsterPatience, elegance, and daintinessAster sp.Europe, Asia, and North AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Black-eyed-Susan flowerBlack-eyed SusanEncouragement and motivationRudbeckia hirtaNorth AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Buttercup flowerButtercupJoy, cheerfulness, and happinessRanunculus sp.Europe and AsiaIndia, China, Japan
dianthus flowerDianthusDevotion, love, and gratitudeDianthus sp.Europe and AsiaIndia, China, Japan
Freesia flowerFreesiaTrust, innocence, and friendshipFreesia sp.South AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Gladiolus flowerGladiolusStrength of character, integrity, and sincerityGladiolus sp.South AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Gypsophila flowerGypsophilaInnocenceGypsophila sp.Europe, Asia, AfricaJapan, China, Korea
Iris flowerIrisFaith, hope, wisdom, courageIris sp.Europe, North Africa, AsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Lantana flowerLantanaRigor, livelinessLantana camaraTropical America, AfricaIndia, China, Japan
Lavender flowerLavenderDevotion, serenity, graceLavandula sp.MediterraneanChina, Japan, Korea
Lilac flowerLilacFirst love, purity, innocenceSyringa vulgarisEurope, AsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Mimosa flowerMimosaSensitivity, secret love, charmMimosa pudicaAustraliaChina, Japan, Korea
Nasturtium flowerNasturtiumPatriotism, victory, conquestTropaeolum majusPeruJapan, China, Korea
Peacock flowerPeacock FlowerPride, love, diversityCaesalpinia pulcherrimaSouth AmericaIndia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Petunia flowerPetuniaResentment, anger, being comfortable with someonePetunia sp.South AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Ranunculus flowerRanunculusRadiant charm, attractive, charmingRanunculus sp.Asia, EuropeChina, Japan, Korea
Salvia flowerSalviaWisdom, respect, longevitySalvia splendensCentral and South AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Snowdrop flowerSnowdropHope, consolation, purityGalanthus sp.Europe, Western AsiaJapan, China, Korea
Snow Pea flowerSnow Pea FlowerInnocent and delicate, a good way to express loveLathyrus odoratusMediterraneanChina, Japan, Korea
Sweet Pea flowerSweet PeaDelicate pleasures, departure, thank you for a lovely timeLathyrus odoratusItalyJapan, China, Korea
Verbena flowerVerbenaSimplicity, sensibility, creativityVerbena sp.North and South AmericaJapan, China, Korea
Water Lily flowerWater LilyEnlightenment, purity, rebirthNymphaea sp.Tropical regions worldwideChina, Japan, Korea
Wild Rose flowerWild RosePassion, love, devotionAsia, Europe, and North AmericaEurope, Asia, and North AmericaChina, Japan, Korea
Baby's Breath flowerBaby’s BreathInnocence, pure heartGypsophila sp.Eastern EuropeChina, Japan, Korea
Dahlia flowerDahliaElegance, dignity, changeDahlia sp.Mexico, Central AmericaChina, Japan, Korea
Gardenia flowerGardeniaRefinement, purity, and sweetnessGardenia sp.AsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Geranium flowerGeraniumComfort, gentility, and esteemPelargonium sp.South AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Honeysuckle flowerHoneysuckleDevotion, everlasting love, and fidelityLonicera sp.Northern HemisphereChina, Japan, Korea
Hyacinth flowerHyacinthSincerity, constancy, and sportsmanshipHyacinthus sp.Eastern MediterraneanChina, Japan, Korea
Jonquil flowerJonquilDesire, affection returned, and sympathyNarcissus jonquillaWestern MediterraneanChina, Japan, Korea
Kaffir Lily flowerKaffir LilyAbundance, prosperity, and good wishesClivia miniataSouth AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Kangaroo Paw flowerKangaroo PawUnique beauty, courage, and successAnigozanthos sp.Western AustraliaChina, Japan, Korea
Lily of the Valley flowerLily of the ValleyHumility, purity, and happinessConvallaria majalisEurope, Asia, North AmericaChina, Japan, Korea
Morning Glory Vine flowerMorning Glory VineAffection, tenacity, and unrequited loveIpomoea sp.Central AmericaIndia, China, Japan
Narcissus flowerNarcissusRenewal, hope, and wealthNarcissus sp.Europe, North AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Peacock Orchid flowerPeacock OrchidRefinement, beauty, and good fortuneAcidanthera bicolorSoutheast AsiaIndia, China, Thailand
Poppy flowerPoppyConsolation, remembrance, and pleasurePapaver rhoeasEurope, Asia, AfricaChina, Japan, Korea
Queen Anne's Lace flowerQueen Anne’s LaceSanctuary, safety, and delicacyDaucus carotaEurope, Southwest AsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Red Ginger flowerRed GingerFreedom, courage, and confidenceAlpinia purpurataSoutheast AsiaThailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
Red Spider Lily flowerRed Spider LilyRebirth, renewal, and revitalizationLycoris radiataChina, Korea, NepalJapan, China, Korea
Rose of Sharon flowerRose of SharonDelicate beauty, love, and consummationHibiscus syriacusChina, KoreaChina, Japan, Korea
Snapdragon flowerSnapdragonGrace, strength, and mysteryAntirrhinum majusMediterraneanChina, Japan, Korea
Spider Chrysanthemum flowerSpider ChrysanthemumHappiness, optimism, and long lifeChrysanthemum morifoliumAsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Sweet William flowerSweet WilliamGallantry, finesse, and perfect loveDianthus barbatusEurope, AsiaChina, Japan, Korea
Tiger Lily flowerTiger LilyProsperity, pride, and purityLilium lancifoliumChina, Korea, JapanChina, Japan, Korea
Wintersweet flowerWintersweetHonor, devotion, and beautyChimonanthus praecoxChina, JapanChina

Different Types Of Flowers And Their Names

Below are given different Types Of Flowers with their names, introductions, uses, and some facts about flowers.


Roses are perhaps the most well-known and popular type of flowers. They come in various colors, including red, pink, yellow, and white, and each color has its meaning. Red roses symbolize love and passion, while pink roses represent gratitude and admiration. Yellow roses are associated with friendship, and white roses symbolize purity and innocence.

Did you know that there are over 150 species of roses? They are also one of the oldest known flowers, with fossil evidence dating back over 35 million years. Roses are often used in bouquets, arrangements, and as gifts for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and weddings.

Fun fact: The world’s largest rose bush is located in Tombstone, Arizona, and covers an area of over 8,000 square.


Lilies are another popular type of flower, known for their trumpet-shaped blooms and sweet fragrance. They come in various colors, including white, pink, yellow, and orange. Lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth, making them a popular choice for Easter and other religious celebrations.

There are over 100 species of lilies, and they are native to many parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Some species, such as the Tiger Lily, have been cultivated for thousands of years and are used in traditional medicine.

Fun fact: The Calla Lily is not a true lily, but rather a member of the Araceae family.


Tulips are known for their bright colors and distinctive shape. They come in various colors, including red, yellow, pink, and purple. Tulips symbolize love, forgiveness, and new beginnings, making them a popular choice for weddings and other romantic occasions.

Tulips one of the best types of flowers are native to Turkey and were introduced to Europe in the 16th century. They became very popular in the Netherlands, where they were cultivated and hybridized, leading to the creation of many new varieties. Today, the Netherlands is still one of the largest producers of tulips in the world.

Fun fact: During the 17th century, tulips were so famous in the Netherlands that they caused an economic bubble known as “Tulip Mania”!


Daisies are simple yet charming types of flowers, known for their white petals and yellow centers. They symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings, making them a popular choice for baby showers and other celebrations of new life.

In the types of flowers, Daisies are native to Europe but have been introduced to many other parts of the world. They are often used in floral arrangements and as decorations for weddings and other events.

Fun fact: The daisy Flower is the birth flower for April.


Orchids are a more exotic type of flower, known for their intricate blooms and diverse colors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some species having blooms that can last for months. Orchids symbolize love, luxury, and beauty, making them a popular choice for weddings and other formal events.

Orchids are native to many parts of the world, including Asia, Australia, and South America. They are also one of the largest families of flowering plants, with over 25,000 species!

Fun fact:  Vanilla flavoring comes from the seed pods of a type of orchid known as the Vanilla planifolia.


In the types of flowers list the Sunflowers are known for their large, bright yellow blooms and their ability to follow the sun throughout the day. They symbolize loyalty, adoration, and happiness, making them popular for birthdays and other joyful occasions.

Sunflowers are native to North and South America and were cultivated by Native American tribes for both food and medicine. Today, they are grown around the world for their oil, seeds, and ornamental plants.

Fun fact:  The tallest sunflower on record was over 30 feet tall!


Carnations are a popular type of flower, known for their ruffled petals and sweet fragrance. They come in various colors, including pink, red, white, and yellow. Carnations symbolize love, fascination, and distinction, making them a popular choice for Mother’s Day and other occasions.

Carnations are native to the Mediterranean region and have been cultivated for over 2,000 years. They are often used in bouquets, corsages, and as cut flowers.

Fun fact: In some cultures, the color of the carnation has a specific meaning. For example, a pink carnation symbolizes a mother’s love, while a red carnation symbolizes admiration.


Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are a popular type of flower, known for their bright colors and long-lasting blooms. They come in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, and purple. Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, longevity, and joy, making them a popular choice for birthdays and other celebrations.

Chrysanthemums are native to Asia and were first cultivated in China over 2,500 years ago. They are often used in floral arrangements and as cut flowers.

Fun fact: In Japan, the chrysanthemum is the national flower and is a symbol of the emperor and the imperial family.

Uses of Different Types of Flowers

Flowers are not just beautiful to look at, they also have many practical uses. Here are seven ways you can use flowers:


Flowers are often used for decoration purposes. They can be used to decorate homes, offices, and event venues. They add color and beauty to any space.


Flowers make great gifts for any occasion. From birthdays to weddings, flowers are a thoughtful and appreciated gift.


 Some flowers, such as lavender and rose petals, can be used in cooking. They add flavor and a unique touch to dishes.


Flowers are often used in perfumes and fragrances. The scent of flowers is popular in the beauty industry.


Some flowers, such as chamomile and echinacea, have medicinal properties. They are used in herbal remedies to treat various ailments.

Insect repellent: Tea: 

Some flowers, such as chamomile and hibiscus, can be used to make tea. They have a calming effect and are popular in the tea industry.


Flowers have been an integral part of human history, dating back to ancient times. They come in Types Of Flowers, each with its unique characteristics and symbolism. From roses to sunflowers, each flower has its unique beauty and purpose. Flowers have been used for various purposes, including decoration, medicinal purposes, and as a source of food.

They have played a significant role in cultures and traditions worldwide and continue to do so today. As we continue to appreciate the beauty and significance of flowers, let us also remember to take care of them and preserve their existence for generations to come.


Roses, peonies, lilies, hydrangeas, and tulips are among the most popular wedding flowers. These flowers are chosen for their beauty, elegance, and symbolism.

Common wildflowers include black-eyed Susans, daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, and sunflowers. These flowers are often found growing in fields or along roadsides and can add a natural, rustic touch to bouquets and arrangements.

Common wildflowers include black-eyed Susans, daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, and sunflowers. These flowers are often found growing in fields or along roadsides and can add a natural, rustic touch to bouquets and arrangements.

Some of the best flowers for a garden include daffodils, petunias, marigolds, zinnias, and snapdragons. These flowers are chosen for their easy maintenance, vibrant colors, and ability to attract pollinators.

Flowers that symbolize love include roses, carnations, orchids, tulips, and daisies. These flowers have been used for centuries to express love, admiration, and affection.

Some unique types of flowers include the bird of paradise, bleeding heart, corpse flower, snapdragon, and passion flower. These flowers are often prized for their unusual shapes, colors, and fragrances.

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