Spanish Flower Names

Spanish Flower Names- A New Blossoming Cultural & Vocab Guide

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful way to name your flowers? Look no further than Spanish flower names. Spain is known for its vibrant and colourful flowers, many of which have unique and beautiful names.

The Spanish flower names are Rosa (Rose), Girasol (Sunflower), Margarita (Daisy), Lirio (Lily), Tulipán (Tulip), Orquídea (Orchid), Clavel (Carnation), Jacinto (Hyacinth), Hortensia (Hydrangea), Jazmín (Jasmine), Azucena (Madonna Lily), Pensamiento (Pansy), Violeta (Violet), Amapola (Poppy), Flor de Loto (Lotus flower), Crisantemo (Chrysanthemum), Camelia (Camellia), Narciso (Narcissus/Daffodil), Peonía (Peony), Flor de Cerezo (Cherry blossom).

Using Spanish flower names can add a touch of elegance and exoticism to your garden or floral arrangements. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and unique Spanish flower names.

Table Of Flower Names in Spanish & English

Here is the Spanish flower names with their English names, Spanish names, and IPA transcriptions:

FlowersEnglish NameSpanish NameIPA
Gulab (Rose) flowerRoseRosa/ˈ
Lily flowerLilyLirio/ˈli.ɾjo/
Sunflower flowerSunflowerGirasol/xi.ɾaˈsol/
Daffodil flowerDaffodilNarciso/naɾˈθ
Daisy flowerDaisyMargarita/maɾɣaˈɾi.ta/
Tulip flowerTulipTulipán/tu.liˈpan/
Iris flowerIrisIris/ˈi.ɾis/
Hyacinth flowerHyacinthJacinto/xaˈθ
Poppy flowerPoppyAmapola/a.maˈ
Orchid flowerOrchidOrquídea/oɾˈki.ðe.a/
Carnation flowerCarnationClavel/ˈkla.bel/
Chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemumCrisantemo/kɾisanˈ
Peony flowerPeonyPeonía/pe.oˈni.a/
Marigold flowerMarigoldCaléndula/kaˈ
Snapdragon flowerSnapdragonBoca de dragón/ˈbo.ka ðe ðɾaˈɣon/
Zinnia flowerZinniaZinnia/ˈsin.ja/
Foxglove flower FoxgloveDedalera/de.ðaˈle.ɾa/
Bluebell flowerBluebellCampanilla/kam.paˈni.ʝa/
Honeysuckle flowerHoneysuckleMadreselva/maðɾeˈ
Pansy flower PansyPensamiento/pen.saˈmjento/
Cosmos flowerCosmosCosmos/ˈkos.mos/
Gladiolus flowerGladiolusGladiolo/ɡlaˈðjo.lo/
Snowdrop flowerSnowdropCampanilla de invierno/kam.paˈni.ʝa ðe imˈβjeɾ.no/
Verbena flowerVerbenaVerbena/berˈβ
Asters flowerAstersAstromelia/as.tɾo.meˈli.a/
Anemone flowerAnemoneAnémona/aˈ
Black-eyed-Susan flowerBlack-eyed SusanSusan de ojos negros/suˈsan ðe ˈoxos ˈneɣɾos/
Crocus flowerCrocusCrocus/ˈkɾo.kus/
Dandelion flowerDandelionDiente de león/ˈdjente ðe leˈon/
Forget-me-not flowerForget-me-notNomeolvides/ˈβi.ðes/
Geranium flowerGeraniumGeranio/xeˈɾa.njo/
Hollyhock flowerHollyhockAlcea/alˈθe.a/
Jasmine flowerJasmineJazmín/xaθˈmin/

The Rich Culture of Spanish Flowers

Spanish Flower Names

Flowers have played an important role in Spanish culture for centuries. From the Flamenco dancers adorning their hair with colorful carnations to the iconic orange blossom, which represents purity and happiness in Spanish weddings, flowers have been an integral part of Spanish life. The country’s warm climate and rich soil provide the perfect environment for a wide variety of flowers to flourish, from delicate daisies to bold bougainvillea.

Popular Spanish Flower Names

There are many popular Spanish flower names, each with its own unique meaning and symbolism. Some of the most popular include:


One of the most popular Spanish flower names is Margarita, which means “daisy” in Spanish. The Margarita flower is a delicate white or yellow bloom with a yellow center. The name Margarita is also the Spanish equivalent of the name Margaret.


Another popular Spanish flower name is Rosalinda, which means “beautiful rose” in Spanish. This name is perfect for a beautiful, fragrant rose with a bold color.


Azalea is a popular Spanish flower name that means “dry.” This name is perfect for a hardy plant that can withstand dry climates.


Camelia is a popular Spanish flower name that means “perfection.” This name is perfect for a flower that is perfect in every way, from its shape to its fragrance.


Jacinta is a Spanish flower name that means “hyacinth.” This name is perfect for a delicate, fragrant flower that blooms in the spring.

Unique Spanish Flower Names

In addition to popular Spanish flower names, there are also many unique and less common options to choose from. Here are some of our favorites:


Amapola is a unique Spanish flower name that means “poppy.” This name is perfect for a bold and colourful flower with a unique shape.


Lirio is a Spanish flower name that means “lily.” This name is perfect for a delicate and elegant flower with a sweet fragrance.


Clavel is a Spanish flower name that means “carnation.” This name is perfect for a colourful and fragrant flower that is often used in Spanish culture.


Orquídea is a unique Spanish flower name that means “orchid.” This name is perfect for a rare and exotic flower that is prized for its beauty.

Choosing a Spanish Flower Name

When choosing a Spanish flower name, it’s important to consider the meaning and symbolism of the name. You may want to choose a name that reflects the colour or shape of the flower, or you may want to choose a name that reflects the flower’s cultural significance. Whatever name you choose, be sure to take the time to research its meaning and significance.

Spanish Flowers names list

Here are 20 Spanish flower names:

  1. Margarita – Daisy
  2. Rosalinda – Beautiful Rose
  3. Azalea – Dry
  4. Camelia – Perfection
  5. Jacinta – Hyacinth
  6. Amapola – Poppy
  7. Lirio – Lily
  8. Clavel – Carnation
  9. Orquídea – Orchid
  10. Hortensia – Hydrangea
  11. Narciso – Narcissus
  12. Pensamiento – Pansy
  13. Girasol – Sunflower
  14. Petunia – Petunia
  15. Caléndula – Marigold
  16. Dalia – Dahlia
  17. Gladiolus – Gladiolus
  18. Verbena – Verbena
  19. Jacaranda – Jacaranda
  20. Begonia – Begonia

Spain national flower name

The national flower of Spain is red carnation ( clavel rojo).

Traditional Spain flowers

Certainly! Here is a list of traditional Spanish flowers, along with their descriptions:

Flower NameFlower Description
Clavel (Carnation)The national flower of Spain, known for its bright red color and association with love and passion. It is often used in bouquets and floral arrangements.
Rosa (Rose)A classic flower loved around the world, particularly for weddings and romantic occasions. In Spain, the red rose is often associated with passion and love.
Narciso (Narcissus)A delicate flower with a sweet fragrance that comes in white, yellow, and pink. It is often used to represent new beginnings and rebirth.
Azahar (Orange Blossom)A fragrant flower often used in perfumes and associated with purity and innocence in Spain. It is also used in wedding bouquets.
Jazmín (Jasmine)A sweet-smelling flower often used in perfumes and associated with purity and elegance. In Spain, it is commonly used in religious ceremonies.
Geranio (Geranium)A hardy flower that comes in various colors and is often used in window boxes and hanging baskets. It is associated with happiness and joy in Spain.
Pensamiento (Pansy)A cheerful, colorful flower that’s popular for gardens and outdoor spaces. It’s often used to represent remembrance and nostalgia in Spain.
Margarita (Daisy)A simple yet beautiful flower that’s often used in wedding bouquets and other arrangements. In Spain, it’s associated with innocence and purity.
Lirio (Lily)A graceful flower with elegant blooms often used for weddings and formal occasions. In Spain, it’s associated with purity and renewal.
Flor de la Pasión (Passion Flower)A striking flower with an unusual shape often used to represent the passion and suffering of Christ. It’s commonly used in religious ceremonies in Spain.
Flor de la Nochebuena (Poinsettia)A colorful flower that’s often used in Christmas decorations and associated with the Christmas season in Spain.
Campanilla (Bluebell)A delicate, bell-shaped flower commonly found in woodlands and natural settings. In Spain, it’s associated with humility and gratitude.
Girasol (Sunflower)A bright, cheerful flower popular for gardens and outdoor spaces. In Spain, it’s associated with loyalty and devotion.
Gladiolo (Gladiolus)A tall, elegant flower with a spike of blooms often used in floral arrangements and bouquets. In Spain, it’s associated with strength and integrity.
Hibisco (Hibiscus)A tropical flower with large, showy blooms often used in gardens and landscaping. In Spain, it’s associated with beauty and femininity.
Orquídea (Orchid)A delicate, exotic flower prized for its beauty and elegance. It’s often used in floral arrangements and as a decorative plant, and associated with luxury and refinement in Spain.
Peonia (Peony)A large, showy flower with lush, colorful blooms often used in weddings and formal occasions. In Spain, it’s associated with good fortune and prosperity.

Pink flower names

Here is a list of pink flowers that can be found in Spain, along with a brief description of each:

Flower NameFlower Description
AlstroemeriaDelicate pink petals with yellow and white accents, symbolizes friendship and devotion.
AzaleaProduces stunning clusters of pink flowers in the springtime and vibrant green leaves that turn bright shades of orange and red in the fall.
CamelliaLarge, showy flowers with glossy green leaves, commonly used for gardens and landscaping. Pink variety has shades ranging from soft blush to deep magenta.
ChrysanthemumComes in various colors and associated with autumn. Pink variety is delicate and feminine.
DianthusSweet fragrance and long-lasting blooms, comes in pink, white, and red. Popular as cut flowers.
GeraniumProduces masses of pink flowers throughout the summer months, and distinctive foliage which turns shades of red and orange in the fall.
HydrangeaProduces large clusters of pink flowers that gradually fade to shades of blue and purple. The pink variety has blooms that can be several inches across.
PeonyLarge, ruffled blooms with sweet fragrance, popular for weddings and special occasions, and among gardeners for its striking beauty and ease of care.
RoseDelicate beauty and romantic associations, a classic flower.
ZinniaBright, cheerful blooms, comes in various shades of pink from pale blush to vibrant fuchsia, popular among gardeners and florists.
BougainvillaeaTropical plant with vibrant, papery pink flowers that bloom in warm weather, popular for adding color to walls and trellises.
CistusProduces delicate pink flowers that bloom in the spring and summer, hardy, drought-resistant shrub commonly found in rocky or coastal areas of Spain.
CosmosDaisy-like flowers that come in pink, white, and purple, with delicate, feathery petals and long, slender stems.
DelphiniumTall, spiky blooms with vibrant pink petals, stunning addition to any garden, often used in floral arrangements and symbolizes positivity and cheerfulness.
FoxgloveTall spikes of pink flowers that bloom in the late spring and early summer, favorite among gardeners for its striking beauty and height.
HelleboreEvergreen perennial that produces clusters of pink, purple, or white flowers that bloom in the winter and early spring, often used as a ground cover or border plant.
LavenderFragrant herb that comes in shades of pink and purple, known for its soothing fragrance and used in essential oils and perfumes.
PeppermintFragrant herb that produces clusters of pink or purple flowers that bloom in the summer, often used in teas and culinary applications.
Sweet PeaDelicate, fragrant blooms and trailing vines, popular choice for garden trellises and arbours. The pink variety has shades ranging from pale pink to deep rose.
TulipComes in a wide range of colors, with the pink variety particularly associated with romance and love.


Spain is home to a wide variety of beautiful flowers, many of which are beloved around the world for their vibrant colors and unique characteristics. From the bold red of the carnation to the delicate petals of the hellebore, there’s a flower for every taste and occasion in Spain.

Whether you’re looking to add some color to your garden, decorate your home with a stunning bouquet, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the Spanish landscape, these flowers are sure to delight and inspire.


Pink flowers like the rose, bougainvillaea, and cosmos are commonly found in Spain, as well as hardy shrubs like the cistus and the hellebore

Flower names like Rosa, Violeta, and Azucena are popular choices for girls in Spain, reflecting the country’s love for nature and its beauty.

Flowers like roses, lilies, and sunflowers are often used in Spanish festivals and celebrations. In particular, the Fallas festival in Valencia is known for its elaborate displays of flowers and fireworks.

The national flower of Spain is the carnation, which has been a symbol of the country since the early 20th century.

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