Flowers Name and Colour

Flowers Name and Colour With New Pictures

Are you looking for the Flowers Name and Colour? Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and have been used for centuries to convey different emotions and messages. One of the most important characteristics of Flowers Name and Colour. The color of a flower can symbolize various feelings, moods, and emotions.

Flowers Name and Colour

Flowers Name and Colour

There are countless flower species, each with its unique color and meaning. Some of the most popular flower colors include:

  • Red – symbolizes love, passion, and romance.
  • Yellowizes friendship, joy, and happiness. Pink – symbolizes gratitude, admiration, and appreciation.
  • White – symbolizes purity, innocence, and spirituality.
  • Purple – symbolizes royalty, luxury, and elegance.
  • Orange – symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.
  • Blue – symbolizes calmness, serenity, and tranquility.

Flowers are often given as gifts to express various emotions or to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and funerals. The choice of flower color can be just as important as the type of flower given. For example, a red rose is a classic symbol of love and romance, while a yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and joy.

Overall, the Flowers Name and Colour is an essential aspect of its beauty and meaning. Whether used for decoration, gifting, or symbolic purposes, flowers’ colors are sure to make an impact and leave a lasting impression on those who receive them.

Names of Flowers and Their Colours

Here is the list of All Flowers Name and Colour in a table:

FlowerAll Flowers NameColors of Flowers
Rose FlowerRoseRed, Pink, Yellow, White, Orange
Tulip flowerTulipRed, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple
Lily flowerLilyWhite, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red
Daisy flowerDaisyWhite, Yellow
Peony flowerPeonyPink, Red, White
Carnation flowerCarnationPink, White, Red
Sunflower flowerSunflowerYellow
Orchid flowerOrchidPink, Purple, Yellow, White
Hydrangea flowerHydrangeaBlue, Pink, White
Iris flowerIrisBlue, Purple, White, Yellow
Daffodil flowerDaffodilYellow, White
Chrysanthemum flowerChrysanthemumPink, Yellow, White, Red
Gerbera flowerGerberaPink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Anemone flowerAnemonePink, White, Purple
Calla Lily flowerCalla LilyWhite, Pink, Yellow
Cosmos flowerCosmosPink, White, Maroon
Freesia flowerFreesiaPink, White, Yellow
Gladiolus flowerGladiolusPink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Heather flower HeatherPink, Purple, White
Lavender flowerLavenderPurple, White, Pink
Magnolia flowerMagnoliaWhite, Pink
Narcissus flowerNarcissusYellow, White
Pansy flowerPansyPurple, Yellow, White
Poppy flowerPoppyRed, Pink, Orange, White
Primrose flowerPrimrosePink, Purple, White, Yellow
Sweet Pea flowerSweet PeaPink, Purple, White
Verbena flowerVerbenaPink, Purple, White
wisteria flowerWisteriaPurple, White, Pink
Zinnia flowerZinniaPink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Aster flowerAsterPink, Purple, White
Begonia flowerBegoniaPink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Crocus flowerCrocusPurple, White, Yellow
Delphinium flowerDelphiniumBlue, Pink, White
Forget-me-not flowerForget-Me-NotBlue, Pink, White
Gardenia flowerGardeniaWhite, Yellow
Geranium flowerGeraniumPink, Red, White
Hibiscus flowerHibiscusPink, Red, White, Yellow
Hollyhock flowerHollyhockPink, Red, White, Yellow, Purple
Hyacinth flowerHyacinthBlue, Pink, White, Purple
Mimosa flowerMimosaYellow
Peppermint flower PeppermintPink, White
Ranunculus flowerRanunculusPink, Red, White, Yellow
Salvia flowerSalviaBlue, Pink, White
Snapdragon flowerSnapdragonPink, Orange, White, Yellow
Stock flower StockPink, Purple, White
Trumpet Vine flowerTrumpet VineRed, Orange, Yellow
Water Lily flowerWater LilyPink, White, Yellow
Amaryllis flowerAmaryllisRed, White, Pink
Bleeding Heart flowerBleeding HeartPink, Red, White
Bouvardia flowerBouvardiaPink, White, Red
Sakura Cherry Blossom flowerCherry BlossomPink, White
Clematis flowerClematisPink, Purple, White
Columbine flowerColumbinePink, Blue, White, Yellow
Chamomile flowerChamomileWhite, Yellow
Fuchsia flowerFuchsiaPink, Purple
Gloxinia flowerGloxiniaPink, Purple
Honeysuckle flowerHoneysucklePink, White, Yellow
Impatiens flowerImpatiensPink, Red, White
Jasmine flowerJasmineWhite, Yellow
Larkspur flower LarkspurPink, Blue, White
Liatris flowerLiatrisPurple, White
Lupine flowerLupineBlue, Purple, White
Marigold flowerMarigoldYellow, Orange
Nasturtium flowerNasturtiumYellow, Orange, Red
Passion flowerPassion FlowerBlue, Purple, White
Periwinkle flowerPeriwinkleBlue, Purple, Pink, White
Petunia flowerPetuniaPink, Purple, White
Phlox flowerPhloxPink, Purple, White
Queen Anne's Lace flowerQueen Anne’s LaceWhite
Rudbeckia flowerRudbeckiaYellow
Sage flowerSageBlue, Purple, White
Snowdrop flowerSnowdropWhite
Solidago flowerSolidagoYellow
Statice flowerStaticeBlue, Purple, White
Stephanotis flowerStephanotisWhite
Strawflower flowerStrawflowerPink, Purple, White, Yellow
Thistle flowerThistleBlue, Purple
Chambeli (Tuberose) flowerTuberoseWhite
Waxflower flowerWaxflowerPink, White
Yarrow flowerYarrowPink, Yellow, White
Zebra Plant flowerZebra PlantGreen, White
Alstroemeria flowerAlstroemeriaPink, Red, Orange, White, Yellow
Angel's trumpet flowerAngel’s TrumpetWhite, Yellow
Angelonia flowerAngeloniaBlue, Pink, Purple, White
Bird of Paradise flower Bird of ParadiseOrange, Blue
Bromeliad flowerBromeliadPink, Red, Yellow
Camellia flowerCamelliaPink, Red, White
Coneflower flowerConeflowerPink, Purple, White
Crocosmia flowerCrocosmiaOrange, Yellow, Red
Dahlia flowerDahliaPink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White
Dendrobium flowerDendrobiumPink, Purple, White, Yellow
Dracaena flowerDracaenaGreen, Yellow
Edelweiss flowerEdelweissWhite
Epiphyllum flowerEpiphyllumPink, Yellow, White
Euphorbia flowerEuphorbiaGreen, White, Pink
Firecracker Plant flowerFirecracker PlantRed, Orange
Gazania flowerGazaniaOrange, Yellow, Pink
Red Ginger flowerGingerRed, Pink, White, Yellow
Gomphrena flowerGomphrenaPink, Purple, White
Helenium flowerHeleniumYellow, Red, Orange
Helleborus flowerHelleborusPink, White, Green, Purple
Heliconia flowerHeliconiaOrange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Hosta flowerHostaGreen, White, Yellow
Hydrangea flowerHydrangeaBlue, Pink, White, Purple
Kalanchoe flowerKalanchoeRed, Orange, Pink, Yellow, White
Lantana flowerLantanaPink, Orange, Yellow, White
Leucadendron flowerLeucadendronPink, Red, Yellow
 Lewisia flowerLewisiaPink, Red, Yellow, White
Lotus flowerLotusPink, White, Yellow
Monarda flowerMonardaPink, Purple, White
Monkey Flower flowerMonkey FlowerYellow, Pink, Red
Nerine flowerNerinePink, Red, White
Oncidium flowerOncidiumYellow, Pink, White, Red
Ornithogalum flowerOrnithogalumWhite, Yellow, Pink
Osteospermum flowerOsteospermumPink, Purple, White, Yellow
White Peony Paeonia lactiflora flowerPaeoniaPink, Red, White, Yellow
Passiflora flowerPassifloraBlue, Purple, Pink, White
Pentas flowerPentasPink, Red, White
King Protea flowerProteaPink, Red, Orange, White
Rhodendron flowerRhodendronPink, Purple, White
Scabiosa  flowerScabiosaPink, Blue, White
Stargazer Lily flowerStargazer LilyPink, White
Stephanie flowerStephaniePink, White
Strelitzia flowerStrelitziaOrange, Blue, Purple
Succulent flowerSucculentGreen, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
Torch Lily flowerTorch LilyOrange, Yellow, Red
Tradescantia flowerTradescantiaPink, Purple, White
Tritoma flowerTritomaRed, Orange, Yellow
Yucca flowerYuccaWhite, Yellow


Flowers are a beautiful and fascinating aspect of nature, each with its unique color and meaning. They have been used for centuries to express emotions and celebrate occasions, and their colors have been linked to feelings and moods. Learning about Flowers Name and Colour can enhance our appreciation of their beauty and diversity and help us connect with nature. 

Flowers also play a vital role in the ecosystem by providing food and shelter for insects and animals and contributing to the overall health of the planet. Exploring the world of flowers can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, whether you’re a gardener, florist, or simply someone who appreciates beauty. So next time you see a flower, take a moment to appreciate its color, meaning, and contribution to the world around us.


Roses are available in various colors, including red, pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, and even black.

Lilies are available in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, orange, and even green.

Daisies are available in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, and even blue.

Tulips are available in various colors, including red, pink, white, yellow, purple, and even black.

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