bluebell flower name in Hindi

Attractive Blue Bell Flower Name in Hindi

The Blue Bell Flower name in Hindi, also known as Neelkamal or Neelkanta in Hindi, is a stunning flower that is native to India. Belonging to the Campanulaceae family and categorized under the genus Campanula, this flower is known for its delicate and charming appearance, with small, bell-shaped flowers in shades of blue or violet.

Attractive Blue Bell Flower Name in Hindi

It is a popular choice for gardens and landscaping due to its striking beauty and ease of care and is also used in traditional Indian medicine for its various health benefits. In Hindu mythology, the Blue Bell Flower is associated with Lord Vishnu and is considered a symbol of purity and devotion, adding to its cultural significance. This beloved flower is truly remarkable and cherished by many in Indian culture. Here is the list of Flowers names.

bluebell flower name in Hindi

bluebell flower name in Hindi

Here is a list of Blue Bell Flower Name in Hindi and their respective pronunciation in hindi

blue bell flower name in hindiFlowers Pronunciation in Hindi
आँखों की जड़  Aankhon Ki Jhad
अधरक  Adrak
अफ़गानी नील  Afghani Neel
अमेरिकी नील  American Neel
अंगूरी  Anguri
आर्टिशोक  Artichoke
आसमान की जड़  Aasmaan Ki Jhad
बच्चन की खुशबू  Bachchan Ki Khushboo
बक्री की खुशबू  Bakri Ki Khushboo
बनफ़्सीज़  Banafsaji
बटख़ोरा  Batkhora
बहार-ए-शमशीर  Bahar-E-Shamshir
बिल्ली की जड़  Billi Ki Jhad
बिजोरा  Bijora
बिल्लोरी  Billori
चाणकपर्पुर  Chanakarpur
चंद्रशेखर  Chandrashekhar
चांद का फूल  Chand Ka Phool
चमेली  Chameli
चमोमाइल  Chamomile
चुग्गुल का फूल  Chuggul Ka Phool
चंदन  Chandan
चतुरस्र  Chaturasra
चम्पा  Champa
चिलबा  Chilba
चिकना फूल  Chikna Phool
चिमटा  Chimta
चिमनी  Chimni
दूधिया फूल  Dudhiya Phool
दूध का फूल  Dudh Ka Phool
दुग्ध चुग्गुली  Dugdh Chugguli
देवदाली  Devdali
दुलहीन  Dulheen
दुल्हन  Dulhan
दुर्गा का फूल  Durga Ka Phool
फारसी नील  Farsi Neel
फिरोज़ा  Firoza
फूलख़ार  Phoolkhar
फूलों की सुगंध  Phoolon Ki Sugandh
फूलों की बारिश  Phoolon Ki Barish
फुगवारा  Fugwara
गुलाबी नील  Gulabi Neel
गुलशन  Gulshan
गुलकंदी  Gulkandi
गुलफ़ाम  Gulfaam
गुलचीन  Gulchin
हरे फूल  Hare Phool
हरितालिका  Haritalika
हलफूल  Halfool
हद्दा  Hadda
हलदी  Haldi
हड्डी का फूल  Haddi Ka Phool
इंद्रजौ  Indraja
इनायत  Inayat
इराकी नील  Iraqi Neel
जयपुरी नील  Jaipuri Neel
जाने मन  Jane Man
जैसमीन  Jasmine
ज़िलाल  Zilal
ज़ुलफ़ी  Zulfie
कटहल  Katthal
कटहल का फूल  Katthal Ka Phool
केसर  Kesar
केसर का फूल  Kesar Ka Phool
कमलोदय  Kamaloday
कमलफूल  Kamal Phool
कमली  Kamli
कंगनी  Kangni
कान्दा  Kanda
काली नील  Kali Neel
कलीमी  Kalimi
कल्याण  Kalyan
कार्पेट  Carpet
काश्मीरी नील  Kashmiri Neel
कटारी  Katarri
किशमिश  Kishmish
किंचुल  Kinchul
कुसुम  Kusum
कुसुमोत्तम  Kusumottam
कुडुंबू  Kudumbu
कुमुदिनी  Kumudini


Overall, the Blue Bell Flower Name in Hindi is “Neelakurinji” which translates to “blue mountain flower”. This beautiful flower is not only known for its vibrant blue color but also for its cultural significance in India. It is a symbol of love, devotion, and loyalty in Indian literature and is often used in traditional Indian medicine for its healing properties.

The name “Neelakurinji” perfectly captures the essence of this stunning flower and its connection to the natural beauty of the mountains. It is a reminder of the importance of preserving our natural environment and the rich cultural traditions that are intertwined with it. Overall, the bluebell flower name in Hindi is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the natural world and the countless ways in which it enriches our lives.


The Blue Bell Flower is commonly known as “Neelkamal” or “Neelkanta” in Hindi.

The Hindi name “Neelkamal” is a combination of two words, “Neel” which means blue and “Kamal” which means lotus. It is named so due to its blue or violet-coloured petals that resemble the lotus flower.

In Hindu mythology, the color blue is associated with Lord Vishnu, who is often depicted wearing blue attire. The Blue Bell Flower’s Hindi name “Neelkamal” signifies the flower’s association with Lord Vishnu and represents purity, devotion, and spirituality.

Yes, the Blue Bell Flower is also known as “Vishnu Kamal” in Hindi, which again signifies its association with Lord Vishnu.

Yes, the Blue Bell Flower is a native species of India and is widely grown in various parts of the country. It is a popular choice for gardens and landscaping due to its stunning beauty and ease of care.

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