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Our diverse team brings decades of cumulative expertise across the many facets of the floral world. Some of us have PhDs in plant biology, others have owned flower shops, some are master gardeners – and all of us simply love flowers!

Our Motivation

We started this website because we want to share our extensive knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm for flowers with others. Flowers bring joy and beauty to our lives. We are amazed by the diversity in the plant kingdom – no two blooms are exactly alike!

We find that most flower websites only scratch the surface. They tend to focus on a few popular varieties like roses, tulips, orchids. But there are over 400,000 flower species worldwide, each with unique traits and stories to tell. We want to go broader and deeper.

Our Mission

Our goal is for theflowersname.com to be the most comprehensive and engaging website about flowers in existence.

We strive to provide expert-level information about both common and exotic flowers in an accessible way. Our content covers everything from biology and cultivation to floral design and cultural/historical significance.

We also prioritize creating a user-friendly experience. Our site is thoughtfully designed to make finding information intuitive and enjoyable. We organize content in different formats like guides, galleries, quizzes and more so learning is interactive.

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